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Weak Signals of a New High Modernism

Reflecting on the happenings today in the Nigerian political sphere, I remember one of the best books I have read titled, “The Constraints of Corporate Tradition” written by Alan Kantrow in 1987. One of the mistakes leaders make is that they don’t understand the history of the organizations they work in and the portfolios they hold. The blind acceptance of tradition and the status quo by the political class narrows the scope of their vision and limits their understanding of the present contexts.

One of the many things future historians will find somewhat curious about the first half of the 21st century, is the most remarkable, maybe enthusiastic and self-assured way in which powerful professionals sought to restructure whole societies and economies around grand narratives — and the subsequent abject failure of each attempt at large-scale planning especially in the public sector by its leaders. These are weak signals of new high modernism.

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